disk size explorer - desktop explorer
Disk space usage software and Desktop Viewer
by DiskSizeExplorer.com

Disk Size Explorer: Main Interface

Disk Size Explorer provides you to keep track of your hard disks space usage to ensure its most efficient use.

Graph Toolbar

Using this subsidiary graph toolbar, you can switch between 2D/3D graph view mode, turn on/off the background gradient, setup colors, show disk usage, show compressed disk usage for folders, save and print the graph area as an image into a file.


Graph View

In the Graph/details area you can switch among different representation modes (Pie, Bar graph, details file information and owner information) of the scanning session results.


Folder Toolbar

With this toolbar, you can start scanning the currently selected drive (all folders) , stop scanning the drive, Scan/Rescan specified folder, stop scanning all drives and folders, switch to the parent folder of the one currently selected in the Folders area.


File & Folder View

In this window you can go to the specific folder to see the graph view of that folder.


Option Window

using the option dialog window, you can setup the startup option, use fast scan - if you want to increase scanning speed, highlight compressed files or folders.


Search Window

With this Tool - Search for files/folders you can search for files by some criteria specified by you.



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